Levi Strauss & Co.

"QST has been doing an excellent job on pocketing development for us. We cannot believe how quickly they turned this urgent development around. This development was passed to the team very late and we needed it within a week time. From the email responses, it seemed like the whole QST team came together and made this happen. The customer service, quality and the quick lead time for this project really impressed the team here. I cannot thank the QST team enough for making this happen for us."

Perry Ellis International

"I have been using the new QST European Collection which offers a lot of variety such as combination, both modern and contemporary also offers some classic looks in their blue story, all of which I love!"

VF Imagewear

"QST has been a valued partner of VF Imagewear for many years. With price and quality a given, QST has set themselves apart thru relentless customer service and operational excellence."

"QST, as a global company is a valued supplier to VF, wherever in the world we operate."

Single Source Apparel

"QST is and has been for many years a valued supplier to SingleSource Apparel and with very few exceptions has met or exceeded our expectations. The partnership we have grown with QST has enhanced our ability to meet our customer's ever increasing demands with regard to reducing leadtimes and maintaining excellent quality at a competitive price. We look forward to our continued relationship with QST and the excellent service they have provided"

Old Navy

"I have been working with QST for years and its great to partner with a supplier where quality is always delivered and they stand behind their product. Service is bar none the best I have encountered in the field and QST is constantly looking to proactively exceed your needs in whatever country your working with."

American Apparel

"STC- QST is the primary supplier of fusible interlinings for American Apparel, Inc. since 2002. American Apparel has engineered and developed many products with the assistance of STC-QST. In addition, STC-QST has a flawless record of on time deliveries to American Apparel. Brian Weitman and his staff at STC-QST continue to astonish the minds of designers, engineers, technical designers, and quality assurers at the American Apparel Los Angeles manufacturing facility. STC-QST provides intuitive developments, collaborative platforms, instruction, quality suggestions, and a variety of professional guidance unmatched in comparison to other suppliers in the field. American Apparel has proven success with the reinforcement of STC-QST and the very cordial representatives we request for consultation as often as we can. A much needed and special thank you to STC-QST for making our products supersede all expectations by allowing us to partner with your talented yet vastly experienced team."

Bernard Cap Co.

"Because of QST's advance processing capabilities, array of products, competitive pricing and technology our company can focus on its core business which is making sure our clients keep recognizing Bernard Cap Co. as a high quality military headwear manufacturer. In the past year as our company has grown and better positioned in global markets we have refined our strategic objectives and have found QST to be doing just the same right along with us. If you need effortless and comprehensive solutions you should ask QST to be on your side."