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New and Improved Quick-Stretch "The Clear Elastic"


The unique properties of Quick-Stretch™ make it possible for the designer and manufacturer to add the comfort of stretchability to an ever wider range of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, as well as medical and industrial applications.

Narrow Elastic Applications
•  Seam reinforcement
•  Medical applications
•  Industrial applications
•  Bra straps
•  Decorative panels in lingerie and swim wear

Distinctive Quick-Stretch™ Features
• 100% poly-urethane film
• Specially developed micro textured finish for better sew ability and
• Easily sewn or heat fused or ultrasonically bonded
• Cut and tear resistant
• Non shrinking
• Thinner than elastic reducing bulk in garment construction
• Clear, no need for color match
• Non Allergenic / Latex free
• Flame resistant
• Resistant to oils, salt water, cosmetics, perspiration, urine
• Retains its properties through the life of the garment
• Washable, dry cleanable

Stock put up in 1/2 kilo bag and full kilo bags dependent on size. Custom widths are available.  Required minimums vary by width.