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QST Industries, Inc. offers an extensive lines of woven, knitted insert, exposed, novelty and innovative elastics, including Quik/cord®, single unit band and cord, and Ban-Rol ®, the elastic that eliminates waistband roll-over. QST offers a complete line of elastics for men's, women's and children's apparel, including the industry's largest selection of insert, exposed, novelty and innovative elastics.

  • Women's Wear: Large selection of insert elastics for any application from non-roll monofilament to high stretch, including low shrinkage elastics.
  • Men's Wear: A special selection, chosen for comfort and support, from the firm hand of Ultraflex™ to the soft hand of Flexpleat™.
  • Swimwear: An extensive selection of special elastics, including Quick-Stretch™, for the specific requirements of men's, women's and children's swimwear.
  • Athletic Wear: A special selection chosen to support active-use apparel such as shorts and pants. Special use elastics for the prevention of garment ride-up in bicycle shorts and ski pants.

Product Offerings

  • Exclusive Elastics
    • Quik/cord™: A single unit product, combining a tunneled cord with elastic.
    • Flexpleat ™
    • Ultraflex ™
    • Quick-Stretch: A unique, clear elastic for application in a wide variety of men's, women's and children's wear. Features excellent fabric memory with 300% stretch, retains stretch integrity in all weather conditions, can be stretched without tearing, doesn't irritate skin, and can be laundered and drycleaned.
  • Drawstrings (Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene): For apparel and industrial applications.The industry's largest selection of colors and patterns.
  • Special Services - Printing: QST will customize your elastic bands with a logo or with a graphic design to make your line of apparel unique and colorful. QST graphics department will help bring your ideas to your elastics.
  • Non-Roll Elastics (Woven): For men's and women's apparel requiring exposed or insert applications.
  • Monofilament Elastics (Woven): For men's apparel requiring exposed applications.
  • Non-Monofilament Elastics (Woven): For men's apparel requiring exposed applications.
  • Sportswear Elastics (Polyester/Rubber): Special elastic for Spandex apparel.
  • Braided Elastics (Polyester/Rubber): For waist, cuffs, collars and fitted bed sheet applications.
  • Quick/Cord Elastics - Knitted drawstring:
    • Polyester/Rubber elastic
    • For men's, women's and childrern's apparel applications.
    • Patent Number: 4477928 NFA
  • Insert Elastics: For men's, women's and children's apparel applications.

Customer Support

QST offers special support services to inform and assist customers with production and application questions. Regional technical personnel and lab facilities will work with designers to develop special elastics for specific garment features. Samples are available upon request.