Specialty Products

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Die & Table Cutting

QST cut components for men's and women's apparel produced at QST plants in Newark, NJ and Mocksville, NC provide "quick response and quality control" for tops and bottoms apparel components. All production is constantly supervised and monitored for quality control. QST cutting services can deliver components "ready for your needle," while offering savings in production dollars. Die & Table Cutting services can be used for:

  • Undercollar cloth
  • Silesia die-cut and pre-sewn cash pockets
  • Small parts fusibles
  • Pant pockets
  • Lapel pieces
  • Waistbands
  • Stays
  • Overcoat pockets

QST cut components eliminate the "hidden costs" of apparel production such as: warehousing, marker making, cut planning, table and die-cutting equipment, unnecessary inventory and interest expense, and production losses due to inappropriate spreading and cutting.