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Technical Information

Types of Non-Woven Construction


  • Carded

    Also called chemical bond - the fibers are raked or combed (carded) in one direction (m.d.) The fibers are then impregnated with a binder. It stretches in one direction & tears in one direction. You will need 2 pieces cross wise to achieve proper tension for embroidery.

  • Random

    Also Called Chemical Bond - The same solution as with Carded Saturates - Only dispersed randomly. Note the uneven quality, holes in saturate (thick and thin spots)

Wet Laid

  • Rotary

  • Delta Formed

    Much like a high quality paper, fiber is dispersed in a solution. A screen rises and the solution dries (alluvial formation) yielding a multi directional and uniform non woven. These are made in different weights. The idea being to always use only one layer. The result is a product with even quality, won't stretch, is non-directional. We do an Elmendorf tear test to assure that it tears equally in all directions. These are made with an exclusive patented process called "Confil" These are the softest most dense non wovens worldwide.