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Technical Information

Tearaway Backing Weights and Descriptions

T676 1.0osy. Lower density stitch count counts (under 5M), towels, knits - also on knits as a sandwich with No Show Mesh.
T677 1.3osy. Lower to medium stitch counts (10 M), light and medium fabrics
T678 1.5osy. Most general and all purpose tearaway medium,high stitch counts knits,fleece,caps
T679 1.8osy. Higher stitch counts, medium and heavier fabrics
T632 1.5osy. Soft tearaway for lower to mid stitch 1.5 osy lighter fabrics - piques, knits
Perforated On-a-Roll
T633 1.8osy.
"Soft" tearaway for higher stitch counts fllece-piques medium to heavy wt fabrics *Our most popular backings Note: R632 and R633 can be perforated to size On-a-Roll
T620 2.0osy. Tearaway / washaway - high stitch counts
T611 2.5osy. High stitch counts, the BEST for caps
T612 3.0osy Same as 611 but heavier
T701 2.0osy. 100% recycled fiber backing inexpensive, binderless and non directional caps,sox, some fronts and left chests NOT for fine line detail

Perforated Solvy On-a-Roll: Non directional mid weight embroidery topping dissolves with water. Keeps the stitches raised / on top of the fabric Perfect for terry and polar fleece Available perforated to size


A remoistenable adhesive backing leaving no residue on needles or hoops. Used in hoopless embroidery or clamp type frames. It replaces peel and stick backings and adhesive sprays

T116 2.5osy.
(firm- heavy)
T876 1.5osy.
(firm and light)
T336 1.8osy.
(soft and dense)