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Technical Information

Cutaway Backing Weights and Descriptions

C150 1.5osy. Light fabrics lower to mid stitch counts, knits
C824 2osy. Light and medium fabrics, medium stitch counts
Perforated On-a-Roll
C122 2.5osy. Higher stitch counts, medium weight fabric
Soft, non directional full fronts
Perforated On-a-Roll
C123 2.5osy 60" similar to C122
Perforated On-a-Roll
C497 3.0osy.
Very soft,dense non directional for the highest of stitch counts, full fronts, left chest, fleece, knits, low profile caps
Perforated On-a-Roll
C498 3.0osy 60" similar to C497
Perforated On-a-Roll
C463 2.65osy (Firm) heavier weight fabrics
C891 2.9osy Medium soft, non directional, wet laid non woven - high stitch counts -relatively inexpensive - can be perfed
Perforated On-a-Roll
C315 1.5osy. "NO SHOW" or "POLYMESH" mesh. Left Chests - fronts. The "perfect" cutaway, soft sheer - can also be sandwiched with tearaway for added definition.
Perforated On-a-Roll
F316 1.5osy. Polymesh low melt fusible
499,458 . Woven cotton or polycotton sheeting Soft, will hold high stitch counts