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In 1941, as an effort to protect the domestic industrial base in the time war, the United States government passed the Berry Amendment.  The Berry Amendment requires the Department of Defense to give preference in procurement to domestically produced, manufactured, or home grown products, most notably food, clothing, fabrics and specialty metals.  Today, QST supplies several of the United States military branches with pocketing, waistbands, linings, interlinings, fusibles, nylon tape, cords, woven tapes, Ban-Rol, under collar cloth and nylon fabric. 

In the 90’s, QST started to have a larger presence in United States garment manufacturing after the beginning of Operation Desert Storm.  Among other military branches, QST currently supplies components to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.   Our products are specifically approved for the following: Army Battle Uniform (ABU), Air Force Combat Uniform (ACU), Navy Battle Uniform (NBU), Marines field dress and all applications listed by Type, Class and Style.  In addition to the battle dress uniform, we are an approved supplier for the Navy Physical Training Uniform (PTU) and Physical Fitness Uniform (PFU). 

Other garments we supply components for include: Military Sun Cap, berets, Navy shirt, Coast Guard shirts, All Weather Coat (AWC) and Commercial Specification Navy Coast Guard shirt. QST proudly issues a Certificate of Origin with every shipment stating the product is 100% made in the USA, starting with the fibers of the component. Please contact QST for a complete list of Berry Amendment approved products.

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